Educational Videos for Caregivers

Angelic Hospice Care Blog - Educational Videos for Caregivers

We know the challenges family members face when caring for their loved ones at home. You have many questions, concerns and even fears about how to be a caregiver. To help you as you care for others, Angelic Health has produced these videos to guide you through the many tasks in caring for your loved one. They are solely for educational purposes, and information included is not a substitute for professional medical advice. All content including, text, graphics, images and communication is for general information purposes only and is not all-encompassing. Discuss your questions and concerns with your Nurse Case Manager, or call Angelic Health at 609-822-7979 anytime.

We have covered the most common topics, they include:

  • Oxygen use
  • Moving a patient in and out of bed
  • Repositioning patient
  • Fall prevention
  • Making bed with patient in it
  • Diapering an adult
  • Medication dispensing and Nebulizer treatment