Dementia is a growing health concern. Learn how Angelic Health Memory Care can help make a difference for both patient and caregiver. Listen now to this interview with WFPG's Robin Stoloff and Angelic Health Hospice and Palliative Care Coordinator Noelle DelGuidice.

TV legend Bob Barker, a beloved game show host and animal activist, passed away recently at the age of 99. We learned that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia. In fact, more than 5 million people in this country are living with dementia. Here to discuss a local program is Noel DelGuidice Angelic Memory Care's clinical coordinator. Thanks so much for joining us. Caring for someone with dementia can be overwhelming. You have a memory care program that helps both the patient and the caregiver.

So, yes, at Angelic Health we have a full Memory Care Program and what that entails is that we have a nurse practitioner that will go out and see the patient and the family. She will do a cognitive assessment, and then we also have memory care coaches that will help coach the patient and the family. We provide them with a memory care manual, a Memory Care Falls Better app, and also training videos. The training videos will help the patient and the family. For example, if the patient does not want to take a shower anymore or they are afraid of something, we have training videos that will help that patient and their family learn how to work with that patient who is having a memory deficit.

How does your memory care program make a difference to the patients and their families?

A lot of times, people have fear they. They have anxiety over what to expect with their loved one, so by us providing coaching and education, we're helping to eliminate some of that fear, but we're also providing that guidance on how to direct a patient that that has memory care on deficit, so we're able to provide them with a Memory Care specific care plan in order to help that patient and their family.

It's really for the entire family. Is it covered by insurance?

We are covered under Medicare. Where can we learn more about your memory program on Angelic's website, which is

Thanks so much for joining us, Noelle DelGuidice Angelic Memory Care's clinical coordinator, and you are living well on Light 96.9.