Fall Prevention

As we age our risk of falls increases due to changes in our strength and balance. Failing eyesight, poor hearing, and side effect of medications contribute to falls as a main cause of serious injury and even death in older people. Yet fall risk can be reduced and even prevented. First, know your risks. Certain health conditions as well as taking multiple medications, especially those for diabetes and heart conditions may make you more unsteady. Poor lighting, throw rugs, pets underfoot, and cords are common causes of falls. Have someone check the home for dangers that might cause a trip or fall.

Here are some tips to help prevent falls in your home.

  • Wear shoes with nonskid soles.
  • Be sure your home is always well lit.
  • Remove throw rugs or fasten them to the floor with carpet tape.
  • Don't put electrical cords across pathways.
  • Don't wax your floors or use a non-skid wax.
  • If you use a cane or walker be sure to use it all the time.
  • When rising take a minute or two to give your blood pressure time to adjust to reduce your risk of getting dizzy.
  • Have grab bars put in your bathtub, shower and toilet area.
  • Have handrails put on both sides of stairways.
  • If you go to the bathroom often at night, consider using a bedside commode.

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