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Are you caring for someone with dementia? Are feelings of exhaustion, guilt, and frustration getting to you?

Dementia isn’t just an issue of memory loss.

Angelic Health Memory Care supports individuals living with cognitive impairment as well as those who care for them. This unique service is covered under Medicare and performed in the comfort of your home.

The Angelic Health Memory Care Program Includes:


Your memory care coach will provide you with education, support and materials targeted to meet your exact needs.

Problem Solving Support

We know that it is challenging to care for a loved one living with dementia and we are here to help. Your personal memory care coach and a nurse practitioner will offer guidance on how to deal with difficult and demanding behaviors.


The Angelic Health Memory Care staff can put you in touch with local and national resources that may include funds available for care, legal help, financial assistance, support groups and more.


The healthcare team will assess and review medications with you to ensure that your loved one is getting the correct medication and dose to meet their individual needs.

To learn more call 856-812-3299 or email

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